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My Words are Going Somewhere

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imagesI must be getting older – – in that when I sit down to write recent blogs, I get real sentimental. This is a relatively new experience. In the past, I lived in an office of books and plans – – and now I actually welcome students to pull up a chair and hear them in a new way. I see them not so much as young artists that need some knowledge and discipline – but as adults just getting the energy around them to prepare for the big launch.

Today was a planning day with no students – – just a time to sit with the books, the plans and a lot of good intentions for what is transpire until December ends. It is a quiet and peaceful kind of day. Weeks ago I did make a plan with a young student to get his portfolio ready for some very prestigious colleges in just a few months. I had half thought of cancelling the appointment as I was giving myself permission to enjoy some laziness. But lunch came and I wanted a challenge. Read more

Better Than an Apple

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Unknown-1Today was rough. Today was not rough due to teenagers. Rough is relegated to dealing with those over the age of twenty. Those folks can make the day rough. Those folks made today rough. It is often a challenge with a collection of large personalities all focused on moving children forward – the views and methods can be so different that it can turn into a tussel. Sometimes my dreams for what the future could be for the students is hard for me to put into words. I love and respect words but there are certainly times that they evade me. Read more

The Wiles

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UnknownGender is a really touchy subject these days, especially in the world of the arts. There has been so much prejudice and suffering all in the name of gender that there is a pronounced fear of the very topic. I am bound to offend someone with my thoughts. . . Read more

The Clearing

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imagesAfter 23 years of teaching and teaching acting classes sometimes over 30 people it has always been my wish to have an advanced acting class that one had to audition to get in. I find that by the time theatre majors become juniors and certainly before they become seniors there is a clear division between those that cannot get enough acting training and those that have moved to another place and see acting class as simply another class that requires as much attention as any other academic class. Read more

Out of Sync

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UnknownComing back from a week long set of Workshops in Seattle and coming back with the 6 hour flight and 3 hour time difference – coming back to school was rough. It was just super rough for me to be present in the class. All of their good work just had trouble inspiring me. It certainly was not their fault; the fault was definitely in my stars. Teachers have rough days. I am not sure students know this – but, in my case, it is true. I don’t think I discouraged anyone from growing in the art – but it wasn’t my most inspirational set of classes to date. Teaching is tough when you have a 4 shows a day, five days a week gig that runs 180 days. No excuses; I just didn’t have it today. Please forgive me Blog God. I just don’t have the words tonight.