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Me Don’t Care – Me Gone

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Christmas is here. I have no time for blogging about a school year. I have no interest in school, no interest in students, no interest in lesson plans or in bringing a better tomorrow to students. My butt is on a plane and off to NYC. Frozen sidewalks, hot toddies, and good theatre in dim little corners of the city. Here I come!

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Off to the Cold

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The school year, or at least the calendar year is wrapping up to a close. The big stage has been cleared up from A Christmas Carol, and I know that I will be the next tennant. Before throwing my books and some almost stale Christmas cookies into the trunk of the car, I walked out into the big, mostly dark, mostly empty theatre and wondered how in the world I was going to fill it. Read more

Returning to the Fold

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One magical thing about the holidays is the return of the recently graduated class. They have been away from these halls for less then seven months and they have changed! Obviously, at this age, their bodies have gone through a lot of change. All of those childlike bodies have now matured into adults. They fill their clothes much more authoritatively. They command more attention. Read more

Embarrassed to Be Heard

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As my auditions are just on the other side of the holiday break, I am sensing just a wee bit of interest in Ladies Man. I can see them passing one of the tell-tale bright pink copies of the play back and forth between backpacks like contraband. I can see them arranging for the required partner for the audition. Sometimes if I look fast enough I can see them sitting in the hall going over the lines and planning a thought or two. BUT every time I walk by, it is all hidden away and silenced. Read more

My Report Card

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When the graduates come back to talk with the current high schoolers, I am always concerned that I have gotten off track with my teaching. In my Company class I am trying to model the class after the experience of being in a college BFA program. I want to simulate the intense training there to a small, select class so that they can get an idea if this is the kind of training that they would like to commit more time and MUCH MUCH more money on. Read more