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Callback Speed Dating

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20 actors and 8 roles and 2 hours and 1 cup of coffee. Go! This last little sprint to casting named callbacks is a stressful event – masking as a stress-free celebration of the play. It is not easy. It resembles speed dating in that you come in with expectations on your dream date. You have an idea of the kind of look and personality, maturity, and sense of humor that you are looking for – but Read more

Ladies Man Auditions

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Today I have auditions for my farce, Ladies Man. I believe that I am more nervous then all the students hiding in the hall and alleys and lunch room corners. I realize that 75% of my job and thus success or failure is going to be determined by the choices that I make in the next two days. Read more

NYC Snow to Cold Florida

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What does a three week stretch of theatre in NYC do for my teaching mid-year? Three things. It leaves me inspired, humbled and just a wee bit smarter. I am so fortunate that my number one favorite activity and passion is also directly related to my job! How lucky is that? It is as if I never have worked a day in my life! Overtime I go to New York for the holidays I do always find a few theatre teachers that have snuck away from Florida are using the time to see theatre. How great is that! It does worry me about theatre tearers the go month after month and see no professional theatre. How do the keep the well filled? – Don’t they run dry? Doesn’t it all become academic? Read more