A Few Too Many for the Road

UnknownI have said good-bye to these seniors almost every night for the past two weeks. We have a final class together and we all have our goodbyes. Then we have a department meeting for all the theatre majors to say goodbye to the seniors. Then the parents want to have a banquet for all of the seniors to say goodbye. Then we will have graduation and then every parent of every senior will want to have a get-together to say goodbye. I have actually said goodbye to some seniors more then I have ever said welcome.I get that this “leaving of high school” is a pivotal right of passage – but it does seem a bit excessive. Tears of seperation can only really be expected at the first half dozen good-byes. Then I am just not sure that the tears are going to be there.

I find it odd that as the years go by, we just do all things to excess. We test to excess. We evaluate to excess. We honor to excess. We “good-bye” to access. Who knows, we may even be teaching to excess. I am thinking that back in the day it was one big ol’ test, followed by one big ol’ graduation, and then the oblivivion of adulthood.

2 comments on “A Few Too Many for the Road
  1. jeff says:

    Mike you were class president, I know cause you beat me out ,I settled for vice president, is your memory failing?

    • Me4Teaching says:

      I am so busted. But I truly don’t remember this – – I kinda remember being a class officer for the Junior year – cause I kinda remember being a part of the prom world – – but nothing for the senior year. I guess I should feel great to have had an office. I worry, however, that I couldn’t have been much of a leader to have completely forgotten the position. Maybe this is what modern politics are like. So good hearing from you!

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