Callback Speed Dating

20 actors and 8 roles and 2 hours and 1 cup of coffee. Go! This last little sprint to casting named callbacks is a stressful event – masking as a stress-free celebration of the play. It is not easy. It resembles speed dating in that you come in with expectations on your dream date. You have an idea of the kind of look and personality, maturity, and sense of humor that you are looking for – but you are never sure if what you see is what you are going to get! Two minutes are set on the clock. You have this intense “conversation with the play” and then DING goes the bell and you have to switch tables to the next possible date. It is unusually exhaustive to travel from date to date – introducing yourself – and conducting your interview time and time again.

But, unlike speed dating, you have to start dating SOMEONE; you don’t have the option of leaving alone. Most of it is instinct. Are they passionate and easy to work with – – and as for the talent thing – – it is as easy as to find as love in a speed date.

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