Rising from the Dead

imagesPoisoning has abated. Death did not ensue – although somewhat indicated, and I am back to school and theatre. I am struck today by the number of students that sought me out today asking help in getting their junior butts together for the senior adventure that awaits them next year. They NOW sense the ticking clock!

I am always struck by the students that have done subpar work thoughout the year – particularly in academics who are now wanting to get things lined up to attend some of the very finest colleges in the country. They didn’t do well in school when it was free but now expect to truly love and thrive in school when they pay for it? I don’t get it. I would think you would only want to go to college when you have sucked every morsel of possibility out of high school theatre and are still craving for more! Why are you wanting more – when you never filled your plate to begin with?

The first excuse I hear is that they didn’t do well in high school because of the academics and the stupid, artificial, meaningless, repetitive, and pointless material. They so quickly point out their poor teachers who only lectured instead of offering hands-on activities every day. They don’t like the deadlines, the politics, the favoritism. Surely none of that will exist in college! Yeah, right!

A perfect example from today: A students claims on their resume that they want to go on to Zoology in college. Great. Theatre can be very helpful in any study you choose. Great. – – BUT you have C’s in all of your science classes??? How does that work out? Get your goals to match your records – – or your records to match your goals.

And you want college?

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  1. Sara says:

    You sound very annoyed here and I think most teachers will sympathise. There is nothing more annoying than lazy students who blame their lack of success or drive on others. The world is a tough place and you really do have to work hard to do well. Students have to learn these things. They also have to learn that sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do if you want to succeed. This includes essays, reports, exams, tests and everything else. It’s a hard lesson but it’s vital.

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