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Bad No More – Carpet Love

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Unknown-1Now I am simply going to drop the word “Bad” from the title of the blogs. It was bad. Got it. But that was then and now we gots to get moving forward.

Homeruns are being hit right and left. At times I do wonder what it would have been like without this necessary change – – but what we got now is quite fine and the story is being told – and isn’t that why we are all here. My panic has subsided. I am no longer woofing down my mini cottage cheese packets to calm my anxiety. I am back to green tea and breathing. Read more

Bad, Back and Beautiful

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images-1So the work begins and all expectations are dropped. I walk into the rehearsal with my hopes on the bottom of the floor. I figure that if I expect nothing – and someone actually moves a prop correctly or answers the door at the right time – then I will have a HOMERUN and all will be good. Seek nothing and all is good. Well that “game” got me started in rehearsal but soon I realized we can make this work. Read more

Back from Bad

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imagesNow there is a hole in my play and 5 rehearsals for some hole repair. What to do? Cancel – oh, no – I would never want to raise that possibility with the cast – that would be sure fire academic homocide. I could postpone the play – but, on top of that annoying cliche of “the show must go on”, I wanted this show to go on exactly when it was scheduled to go on. We were working on a momentum that was stepping us toward opening night. Delay was not an option.

Then, the epiphany! Read more

Back and Bad

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UnknownSpring Break is over and the deliciousness of theatre is bustin’ out everywhere. My man-purse still smells like musty theaters and rubbed off program ink and unwrapped (I unwrap a lot) candies rather stuck together in one creation.

But I get back to Jacksonville and it all went bad. Read more

On My Way to NYC

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UnknownSpring Break is here and I am off to NYC for a Spring Break full of as much theatre as I can schedule. At this moment I have 5 shows all lined up and, believe me, I will be finding a few more! Often I am asked why in the world I would teach theatre each and every day and THEN use my precious vacation time to go off and see MORE theatre. My response? If you have to ask, then you just don’t understand. Read more